Champion Hill Confederate order of battle

comprar garcinia cambogia sin receta The following Confederate Army units[1] and commanders fought in the Battle of Champion Hill of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately. Order of battle compiled from the army organization,[2] returns of casualties[3] and reports.[4]

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acheter crixivan 1 Abbreviations used

comprar hyzaar sin receta 1.1 Military rank
1.2 Other

acquistare symmetrel 2 Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana
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4 Notes
5 References

compra atrovent Abbreviations used[edit]
Military rank[edit]

comprar micronase sin receta LTG = Lieutenant General
MG = Major General
BG = Brigadier General
Col = Colonel
Ltc = Lieutenant Colonel
Maj = Major
Cpt = Captain
Lt = 1st Lieutenant

acquistare minomycin Other[edit]

acheter tretinoin w = wounded
k = killed
c = captured

compra finpecia Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana[edit]
LTG John C. Pemberton

Regiments and Others

Loring’s Division
     MG William W. Loring

1st Brigade

   BG Lloyd Tilghman (k)
   Col A. E. Reynolds

1st Confederate Infantry Battalion: Ltc G. H. Forney
6th Mississippi: Col R. Lowry
23rd Mississippi: Col J. M. Wells
26th Mississippi: Col A. E. Reynolds, Maj T. F. Parker
Company C, 14th Mississippi Artillery Battalion (4 guns): Lt J. Culbertson
Company D, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt J. L. Wofford
Company G, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery (6 guns): Cpt J. J. Cowan

2nd Brigade

   BG Abraham Buford

27th Alabama: Col J. Jackson
35th Alabama: Col Edward Goodwin
54th Alabama: Col Alpheus Baker (w)
55th Alabama: Col J. Snodgrass
9th Arkansas: Col I. L. Dunlop
3rd Kentucky (4 companies): Maj J. H. Bowman
7th Kentucky: Col E. Crossland
12th Louisiana: Col Thomas M. Scott
Companies A & C, Pointe Coupée Artillery (8 guns): Cpt A. Bouanchaud

3rd Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Featherston

3rd Mississippi: Col T. A. Mellon
22nd Mississippi: Col F. Schaller
31st Mississippi: Col J. A. Orr
33rd Mississippi: Col D. W. Hurst
1st Mississippi Sharpshooter Battalion: Maj W. A. Rayburn

Regiments and Others

Stevenson’s Division
     MG Carter L. Stevenson

Division Artillery

Maj Joseph W. Anderson (k)

Botetourt (Virginia) Artillery (2 guns): Cpt J. W. Johnston
Company A, 1st Mississippi Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt S. J. Ridley (k), Cpt W. T. Ratliff

1st Brigade

   BG Seth M. Barton

40th Georgia: Ltc R. M. Young
41st Georgia: Col W. E. Curtiss
42nd Georgia: Col R. J. Henderson
43rd Georgia: Col S. Harris (k), Cpt M. M. Grantham
52nd Georgia: Col C